Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dubai Desert Safari

A must-to-do activity if you are in Dubai. A lot of travel and events agency offers Desert Safari packages depending on your needs and budget. Usually ranges from 120 to 180 AED, includes:

1. Pick up and return from agreed upon place
2. Dune Bashing
3. Camel Ride
4. Henna Tatoo
5. Arabic Dinner
6. Belly Dancing

Location: Al Aweer, Dubai or Hatta, Oman Rd.

I already tried Al Aweer twice and yesterday the Hatta trail. I really enjoyed Dune Bashing, it's like a roller coaster on the Desert, but not for the faint-hearted (I warned you guys!).

Some of our pictures at the Hatta, Oman Rd Desert Safari.


  1. I wish I will have a chance to visit Dubai. My aunt and her children are living there for a couple of decades. Visiting from BC Bloggers.

  2. yeah me too, wasn't able to visit it

  3. this is one of the activities in Qatar too but I never had the chance to join .

  4. That is sooo cool! if I'd be given a chance to go there I'll definitely try Dune Bashing and Camel riding. :) great pics by the way Yuuki and I love the camel riding photo :)

  5. i watched Sex and the City movie where they went to Dubai and I am absolutely loving Dubai!!! Except for the fact that ALMOST everything-ish is expensive