Monday, October 3, 2011

I Choose Etisalat

For years Etisalat was only mobile service provider in UAE. We don’t have any choice even with the unusual high cost of a sim card and annual renewal fee. When I came here in Dubai five years ago, a sim card costs 165 AED ($ 45) and a 100 AED ($27) annual renewal fee without any free calls or minutes. Later on, a new player came and little by little our burden with the annual renewal fee lessened and now it’s free. I don’t know about the sim card cost now since I don’t intend to change mine.

Even with those things said, I still prefer the service of Etisalat over the other provider. It has wider coverage, faster customer service assistance and not much hidden charges. Aside from mobile services, I also use their internet services which offers Supersonic Internet Speed.

Curious about Supersonic Internet Speed? Me too.

Supersonic Internet Speeds:
Superfast broadband in every room with internet speeds many times faster than before. Our amazing eLife high-speed internet product will let you browse like never before, watch internet videos without any delay and play live online video games all at new and affordable prices.
• Up to 30Mbps download & 3Mbps upload with more to come.
• Every home has equal capacity regardless of the location
• Connect several PCs at a time

I love the eLife service, though there are occasional downtime but it’s totally acceptable. We pay 350 AED ($95) a month but it’s all worth it.


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